NEW Release: ROADHOUSE FRIDAY (short story)


An unidentified individual lets his imagination roam as he weaves detailed fictional stories based on his observations of ordinary folks he encounters during a Friday evening at the Roadhouse Diner.

I was thumbing through archived documents and came across two complete rough drafts of a short story I drafted in 2012. I “married” the two renditions into what developed into ROADHOUSE FRIDAY. The story emerged from observing people at a local Austin restaurant while having supper.

“WOW!” I said to myself, while dining, “there’s a story to be told.”

I wrote the rough draft and then I misplaced it, so I scribbled another draft. I filed the draft away. Recently, I rediscovered both completed drafts. I combined favorite passages from each draft into one story. That’s how ROADHOUSE FRIDAY came to be. You never know where a story idea might pop up.

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