F.P.R. Indus Demonstrator . . .

   This is the first refillable fountain pen that sent me on the road to collecting and using fountain pens: The Fountain Pen Revolution (F.P.R.) Indus Clear Demo with gold-tone accents. This is not an expensive pen by any means, it's made in India exclusively for F.P.R., an Indian fountain pen distributor located in Arkansas, … Continue reading F.P.R. Indus Demonstrator . . .


egads! I’ve become a penophile . . .

    Yes, I'm a fountain pen addict, it all started in April 2015 when I purchased my first fountain pen. I fell in love with the little boogers and began collecting and using fountain pens, both vintage & contemporary. As of to-date, my collection exceeds 200 vintage and contemporary fountain pens as well as … Continue reading egads! I’ve become a penophile . . .